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Child Protection Framework

Children’s health and safety is the highest priority for early childhood centres. But, in a complex landscape, navigating legislation and National Regulations, how can you ensure you have appropriate policy and procedure documents to support your centre’s practice and philosophy? 

Our team of experienced Early Years Specialists have created our Child Protection Policy and Procedure Pack to bring you high quality, easily implemented documents that you can use to ensure team members know and adhere to the requirements around child protection. The Child Protection Framework is only $147 inc GST. 

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Why you need this toolkit:

  •  It is critical that the entire community is committed to the protection of children, and Early Learning Centres play a very important role in helping to achieve this.
  • It is vital that services ensure that their philosophy, conduct, culture, environment, educators and community are aware of, and aligned with, their commitment to ensuring children are safe and protected from harm.
  • Legislation requires early childhood centres to keep children safe and protect them from harm
  • Whilst reporting legislation varies across states and territories, most of the country requires ECEC staff to report their concerns and the majority of providers expect and require staff to report, regardless of the legislation
  • The toolkit aligns with the ECA Code of Ethics and the industry-wide commitment to care for and protect children
  • Policies in the Toolkit meet Regulations 84 and 168 of the National Regulations, Standard 2.2 and Element 2.2.3 of the National Standards, and the requirements of the Blue Card System in Queensland.

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This comprehensive Child Protection Policy pack includes:

  • Policy - Child protection

  • Procedure - Child protection training

  • Procedure - Reporting and documenting child protection concern

  • Tools - Disclosure of harm report

  • Tool - Suspicion of harm report

  • Tool - Indicators of abuse and neglect

  • Tool - Template Statement of Commitment

  • Tool - Template Child Protection Risk Management Strategy

  • What is the Child Protection Framework and what do I do with it?

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